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Registration is currently closed and will open when the game leaves the primary development stage.

The world of Xolotl is torn. Tezcata, the God of Darkness and his brother Quetzal, God of the Light rally their forces to fight out the eternal battle for control - dark vs light, order vs chaos. Their followers have forged alliances to empower their entity and fight for their cause, and in return are bestowed with mighty gifts and the power of the elements harnessed by their God. Should Tezcata control the world, it will lie in Darkness; Quetzal, and the world will be in Light.

Choose your side. Will you fight for darkness, or the light? Do you chose to divulge in chaos, or order? The choice - and the fight for victory - is yours. Battle with your chosen Nahualli creatures and their elemental powers; train them for success and maximize your potential. Fight NPCs and other users in real-time combat and further your patron God's standing in the land - the more you achieve, the greater the items and abilities you unlock for yourself and your Nahualli. 

Choose your element. The eight core elements, each under one of the two Patron Gods' reign, give your Nahualli special abilities and powers to use in battle and throughout the exploration of the game. For Tezcata, you can choose Psyche, Ignis, Tempas or Glacio. For those following Quetzal, you can discover Anima, Zephyr, Unda or Terra.

Choose your victory. Ultimately, the fight is yours. Do you leave the world in darkness, or bring it into the light?

Xolotl is a combination text-based sim and roleplaying game with stunning art and unique features. Focussed around a unique mythology based loosely on the Aztec cosmos, players work together to fight for the goals of their God - either Quetzal, the God of Light, or Tezcata, the God of Darkness. 

Utilizing their Nahualli, special creatures which they can capture, train, battle and breed (with plenty of unique possible colour patterns and combinations), players explore the world of Xolotl and encounter monsters, mythical locations, and unique challenges. Along the way, they collect items that can enhance their Nahualli's abilities or add an even greater dynamic to gameplay. 

Currently, Xolotl is in the development stage. A talented team of artists, programmers, writers and developers are working together to create a unique, state-of-the-art petsite/roleplaying game like the industry has never seen before. We are currently hosting an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the necessary funds to continue with the game's development and proceed to Alpha testing.

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